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FHSF Quick Links
  • Download Honoree Nomination FormOffical Ticket WebsiteDownload Advertising Order FormDownload FHSF Grant Application
  • Teacher & STAFF Recognition Program
  • Through the Framingham High School Foundation’s Teacher and Staff Recognition Program, you can make a tax-deductible donation to honor a teacher, coach or staff member.  The program encourages you direct your donation to support a specific arts program, athletic team, club or extra-curricular activity at  Framingham High School.
  • To honor a FHS Teacher, Coach or Staff  you must provide their name on the "dedication" line.  We will send a notification the the honoree. (No need to provide contact information)  
  • To direct your donation to a specific program please fill in the "designation" line with the program you choose to support.
    **Donations can also be made by sending a check (made payable to the Framingham High School Foundation) to Framingham High School Foundation, PO Box 2367, Framingham, MA 0170

Programs Supported


  • Funded the Drama Club trip to compete in the 2006 New England Championship
  • Marching Band Drum Covers
  • Band Jackets
  • Portable Band Podium


  • Mock Trial Registration and Materials Fees
  • Assisted  with Model Congress Expenses  
  • Assisted in Funding the Cheerleaders Trip to the 2007 National Championship
  • Cheerleading Uniforms
  • Cheerleading Gear


  • Uniforms for Multiple Sports Teams (9th, JV, Varsity)
  • Girls Lacrosse Championship Signs
  • Track Equipment - Javelins
  • Boy's Basketball Clinic
  • Boy's Lacrosse Helmets
  • Championship Banners
  • Field Hockey Equipment
  • Goal Post for Turf Field
  • Gymnastic Coaching Dues
  • Men’s Basketball Gear
  • Pool Usage Fees - Swim Teams
  • Soccer Goals
  • Swim Team Timing System
  • Coaches' Professional Development
  • Athletic Trainer's Kit


  • Wellness Center & Locker Room Equipment
  • Academic Development Center Support
  • FHS TV – DVD Duplicator
  • Late and Practice Busses Expenses

Silver Sponsors:

Bernardi Auto Group

FITTS Insurance


The TJX Companies

MutualOne Bank

Supporting the Arts, Activities and Athletics

Framingham High School Foundation

Mission: To financially supplement Framingham High School extra-curricular programs (activities, arts, and athletics) which may otherwise be restricted due to budgetary limitations.

For more information about the FHSF you can email: info@framinghamhighschoolfoundation.org

When the Framingham Public Schools were facing substantial financial challenges, a group of Framingham High School parents organized the Framingham High School Foundation (FHSF) to ensure continuation of extracurricular activities, the arts and athletics, regardless of imposed budgetary restrictions.  Since its inception, the FHSF has successfully accomplished this mission through a variety of efforts, including building stronger alliances with the MetroWest community, reaching out to FHS alumni, and applying for grants.  In addition, each year the FHSF organizes the Salute to Framingham dinner, which has become one of the largest annual fund-raisers for Framingham High School.  All proceeds from of this popular event benefit the FHSF which supports extracurricular activities, arts, and athletics at Framingham High School.

Call for Nominees for the 2015 Salute to Framingham

The annual Salute to Framingham dinner and awards ceremony honors individuals for their outstanding commitment and service to Framingham's youth.  The Salute to Framingham committee is currently seeking nominations for the 2015 Salute to Framingham honorees. 
Do you know someone who should be publicly recognized for all that they have done for the young people of Framingham?  Please consider nominating an individual, from any sector of the community, who has made a difference in the lives of the children of Framingham.  

2015 Nomination Form Download (Click Here)

Nominations must be submitted by December 31, 2014.  Letters of nomination may be mailed to Salute to Framingham, Box 2367, Framingham, MA 01703 or submitted via email at nominations@salute-to-framingham.com.  Honorees will be announced in January 2015. 

Salute To Framingham

Beginning as a vision over twenty years ago, the Salute To Framingham has grown into one of Framingham’s most anticipated annual events, with an average of 500 people in attendance.  Each year, individuals are honored for their outstanding commitment and service to Framingham’s youth.  Over the years, the Salute program has been expanded to show our appreciation to teachers and staff who make each day “special” in Framingham Public Schools.  We also recognize graduating FHS Students who positively impact the school community. 


22nd Annual Salute to Framingham Honorees

Dennis Giombetti

Dennis Giombetti is currently the Chairman of Board of Selectman for Framingham. A Framingham native, Dennis has been a long time supporter of programs and initiatives tailored to Framingham Youth. Dennis helped establish a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, helped drive funding for important youth programs through Parks and Recreation, was on the Bowditch Field Grand Opening Committee, served on the FHS Resiliency for Life board, the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Task Force, and on various community educational boards. Most recently, Dennis spearheaded the drive to create a Children's Grove at Cushing Memorial Park (which will become a reality in the next year).

Over the years, Dennis has served on State Boards as well as in the Office for Children and Dept of Social Services, working tirelessly to improve youth development. In addition, Dennis has also been actively involved with several MetroWest Regional organizations including the Finance Committee and Community Block Grant Committee, was the Former Chairman of the MetroWest Regional Transportation Authority Advisory Board, the Former Chairman of the 495 MetroWest Partnership, the Former Chairman of the Cable Advisory Committee and was a Community Block Grant Committee member.

Christine Tibor

Christine Tibor is the Director at Framingham Adult ESL Plus.  Christine, a Framingham native and Framingham South graduate, and a former Charlotte Dunning teacher, was the driving force in growing a single adult education class in 1984 to the current Framingham Adult ESL Plus program.  Framingham Adult ESL Plus serves over 700 students in 36 classes, including AM and PM ESL, GED and Citizenship preparation classes¸ with a waiting list of over 400 students.  Christine believes that Adult ESL is the critical link to help immigrant parents help their children:  families benefit when parents become proficient in English, enabling them to participate in their children's education and social lives. The family benefits when children are not required to act as interpreters for their parents, thereby preserving the family structure and parental roles.

Christine exhibits courageous, inclusive leadership.  Christine’s compassion and foresight have made Framingham Adult ESL one of the most respected adult education programs in the state.  As a leader, she guides her program with a keen intellect and a sharp eye for upcoming change. As an administrator, she cares deeply for her staff, doing all that she can to help in any way possible.  As an educator, she is always available: despite having over 700 students, and a staff of teachers and counselors, her door is always open to each and every student who needs to talk. Her ability to steer this program and its students towards success draw on her professional experience, and on lessons learned from her father, Edward Convery, who was also a brilliant leader and compassionate educator here in Framingham.


22nd Annual
Salute to Framingham Ad Book (Click Cover)

2014 "You Are Special" Award Recipients

Barbieri Elementary School
Judy Friedland
Brophy Elementary School
Charlotte Carr
Brophy Elementary School
Sara Hamerla
Dunning Elementary School
Carol Berlin
Dunning Elementary School
Wendy Hagarty
Hemenway Elementary School
Lori Chauvin
Hemenway Elementary School
David Shalachman
McCarthy Elementary School
Early Childhood Educators: Diane Czajak, Dorothy Hamilton, Bonnie Newman, and Patricia Towle
Potter Road Elementary School
Rosangela Caixa
Potter Road Elementary School
Diane MacMillan
Stapleton Elementary School
Pat Slater
Woodrow Wilson Elementary School
Pam Goldman
Woodrow Wilson Elementary School
Janet Scott
Cameron Middle School
Karen Dauer
Fuller Middle School
Team Rainbow: Megan Quinlan, Joe Santiago & Mae Waugh
Walsh Middle School
Sheron Doucette
Walsh Middle School
Mary O’Brien-Harte
Walsh Middle School
Jodi O’Rourke
Framingham High School
Elyse Torbert
Framingham High School
Colby Young
FPS Bilingual Education Department
Carmen G. Padilla

Class of 2014 Student Recipients

Madeleine Barowsky
Faith Hornor
Andrew Netto
Samantha Blaine
Jennifer Lo
Uchechi Nna
Kathryn Cassidy
Albert Lynch IV
Reema Patel
Mia Charifson
Erica Magier
Nicole Phalen
Jacob Cotton
Hadley McClure
Samuel Roll
Luke Halberstadt
Madeline Murphy
Catherine Russo
Darisbel Herrera Ferreira
Carolyn Ten Eyck

Annual Salute to Framingham Honorees

(click images below to see a brief biography of recent honorees)

Sharon Gilbert (21st)

Tony Tolson (21st)

Mark and Karen Curtis (20th)

Dave Gudejko (20th)

Michael Grilli

Michael Grilli (19th)

Joey Semintelli

Joey Sementelli (19th)

Richard Chesmore (18th)

George Hulme (18th)

Arthur DelPrete (18th)

Lou Merloni (17th)

Rev. Dr.J. Anthony Lloyd(17th)

Joe Shields, Esq. (17th)

Previous Salute Advertising Book Downloads (Click Cover)

21st Annual
Salute to Framingham Ad Book

20th Annual
Salute to Framingham Ad Book

19th Annual
Salute to Framingham Ad Book

18th Annual
Salute to Framingham Ad Book

17th Annual
Salute to Framingham Ad Book